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A History of Success

For more than a decade Grassroots Campaigns has been on the front lines of progressive change. We draw on the experience of running hundreds of successful campaigns nationwide to design and implement innovative, data-driven field outreach campaigns for our partner groups. We have been a part of every major election since 2004, pioneered volunteer driven Get Out The Vote efforts, run massive voter registration drives, and raised millions of dollars for some of the world’s most well respected progressive organizations.

Looking to the Future

Our staff are on the ground now in key states and cities across the country working to build membership for progressive groups and keep citizens engaged and politically active. From projects that span years and involve millions of conversations, to targeted campaigns that make an impact in a weekend, our focus is on providing progressive groups with the field capacity and expertise they need to activate and mobilize their grassroots base. Follow us on Tumblr for updates!

Now Hiring Assistant Directors

Grassroots Campaigns is hiring Assistant Directors to run campaigns all across the United States partnering with a variety of different progressive organizations. Every campaign needs a strong leader who is dedicated and able to build and motivate a team to make an impact.